Summer Institute was a successful adventure!

Summer Institute was a successful adventure!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

The results are in!  Summer Institute took on a digital format this year and here’s what participants had to say!

NHC Summer Institute Evaluation Website

Fundraiser Update

We are delighted to share that we met our Talent Show fundraising goal of $12,000. Thank you to everyone who came and donated!

If you were not able to attend the talent show, you can still enjoy this slideshow of recent Institute memories and make a donation on our website to help sustain the NHC for years to come-

Thank you to everyone who helped curate this fantastic slideshow of Summer Institute 2017-2019 memories.


Ongoing Online Programming

We have successfully connected and shared with each other in new ways at our online Summer Institute and have been inspired to continue that opportunity throughout the Fall of 2020.  Please fill this form out if you would like to provide an online offering to the NHC community.This offering could be a workshop (on topics ranging from text study to song swaps to challah-baking), davening or other forms of spiritual life, kids or intergenerational activity, hosted online dinners, board games, story-telling, movie nights, or other ways to connect! The NHC will provide light tech assistance, and the presenter will handle the rest.Questions? Email Sue Gulack ( or Lauren in the NHC Office (


We hope you will consider making a donation towards online offerings.  Also, if you did not make it to Summer Institute, you can pay your dues here on the Donation page of our website.



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