Year-Round Tech Support Team Member

Tech Team Role Descriptions (general support throughout the year)*

Tier of responsibilities:

Level 1) Emergency- Available for emergencies/on call when Programs Director cannot solve the problem

Level 2) Website Host/Software Manager- Manage the website environment and ongoing coding requests, larger content issues 

Level 3) Minor Updates/Changes- Smaller content issues; email change requests (filled)


*This does not include online institute support.  We are dividing the roles this year; general tech support and online institute support.

Tech Team Level 2 Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Provide support with code when needed for content changes
  • Manage the web environment that the website lives within
  • Assist with linking the website to other applications the NHC uses such as Mailchimp, scheduling software, Google calendars, etc.
  • Managing online payment software (currently Pineapple)
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