Call For Proposals: Liturgist-In-Residence

The National Havurah Committee is seeking applicants who wish to be considered for the position of Liturgist in Residence (LIR) at the 2018 Summer Institute!
The Liturgist-in-Residence will offer a series of special programs open to the community related to creating liturgy and ritual. Programming may include a combination of multi-session workshops, innovative prayer experiences, an evening or Shabbat program, and/or a program specifically geared for kids or teens. These programs will be open to the entire community and will be equivalent to teacher-level service (approximately 6-8 contact hours over the week).
We especially welcome applications that share your process of creating or reinterpreting liturgy, writing prayerful poetry, and designing ritual through example, so that others may learn from your work. We are not looking for programs that teach traditional liturgical skills, nusach or service leading methods. While teaching, learning, singing, or matching new, original, or alternative melodies for prayers is appropriate, that should not be the sole focus of the LIR programming.
The LIR receives one tuition credit to attend the NHC Summer Institute. If co-Liturgists-in-Residence apply, they will share the tuition credit. There is no stipend with this position.
The Liturgist in Residence position is sponsored by a donation from the editors of L’chu N’ran’nah: An Egalitarian Traditional Bencher with an Alternative Edge with gratitude to the NHC Community.
Apply by downloading and completing the application form at . Completed applications are due by December 28, 2017. We will notify you regarding the status of your application by January 31, 2018.
Please contact to discuss your proposals before submitting, if you have questions.

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