Meet the 2018 Institute Liturgist-in-Residence, Linda Hirschhorn!


Linda Hirschhorn, smiling, holding a guitarLinda Hirschhorn is a performing singer/songwriter/composer and story-teller. She travels around the country working with (or creating) community choruses. She has released 10 recordings of original songs and published hundreds of songs that have been covered by other artists, used in movies, choreographed by dance companies and sung in synagogues throughout the world. Linda has been the Cantor at Temple Beth Sholom in San Leandro for since 1987. Her women’s a cappella ensemble Vocolot celebrated its 25th anniversary in November of 2012. 
The Liturgist in Residence position is sponsored by a donation from the editors of L’chu N’ran’nah: An Egalitarian Traditional Bencher with an Alternative Edge with gratitude to the NHC Community.

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