Hollander Social Justice Fellow 2018

Margaret Frisch Klein


Margaret Frisch Klein is the rabbi of Congregation Kneseth Israel, www.ckielgin.org, in Elgin IL. She blogs as the Energizer Rabbi, www.theenergizerrabbi.org. She is passionate about social justice and tikkun olam. While living in smaller communities, she has learned to partner with many civic and religious organizations to make the neighborhood, the nation and the world a better place. Currently, she is working together with others on policing and racism, domestic violence, Martin Luther King Commemoration and more. You can find her outdoors in nature, running, hiking or sitting by the water. She received her rabbinic ordination from the Academy for Jewish Religion in New York, and her masters from Tufts and Hebrew College.


The Fellowship

Hollander Social Justice Fellows plan and implement three to four hours of programming (formal or informal) on a relevant and nonpartisan social justice issue. Fellows also have the opportunity to have a permanent display space throughout the week to share additional information. 

Past Fellows Include:

2017: Mira Rivera; Embracing the Stranger
2016: Rachel Grant Meyer; Our People Were Refugees Too: A Jewish Response to the Contemporary Refugee Crisis
2015: Toby Reiter; Food Scarcity & Plenty Through a Lens of Shmita
2014: Jessica Belasco and Lauren Tuchman; Disability Justice: Making Jewish Communities Accessible to All
2013: Elizabeth Richman; Praying with our Feet? Activism on Shabbat and Chagim
2012: Regina Sandler-Phillips: Strength in Numbers: Jewish Personal Empowerment for Redistributive Justice
2011: Ilana Schatz; Exploring Fair Trade as an expression of Jewish values
2009: Joelle Novey; A Jewish response to our modern alienation from where our stuff, our electricity, and our food is coming from, who made it, produced it, or harvested it, and at what cost to the Earth
2008: Gabriela Russek; Stronger Roots to Lasting Fruit: Deepening Our Understanding of Social Justice

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