Zeitler Fellowship

The Zeitler Fellowship is a cohort of young adults who are exploring their roles as participants and emerging leaders in their Jewish communities, and who are new to the NHC community. Zeitler Fellows participate in a daily workshop session together during their time at Institute, which include opportunities to reflect on building, sustaining, and participating in their Jewish communities both within and outside of the NHC. In addition, Fellows participate fully in courses and everything else the Summer Institute has to offer.

A core value of the NHC is that every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher. As such, Zeitler Fellows are encouraged to lead programs at Institute, such as workshops and a havdalah ceremony for the entire community. The Fellowship — and the Summer Institute as a whole — provides an opportunity to both gain from and give to the NHC community.

Since its inception in 1990, the Zeitler Fellowship (and its predecessor, the Everett Fellowship) has helped to sustain the NHC community by bringing hundreds of young adults to Institute for the first time. Many people who first attended Institute as Fellows have become regular attendees, board members, Institute chairs, course instructors, and sustainers of this community. Expanding the network and diversity of the NHC  — in terms of age, geography, and life experience — continues to be a central goal of the Fellowship.

Zeitler Fellows pay a reduced fee of $175 for tuition, room, and board (reduced from the standard fee of $1000). To apply for a Zeitler Fellowship, you must be between the ages of 22 and 32, interested in exploring lay-led, participatory, independent Jewish community, and willing to participate fully in the Summer Institute. Preference is given to first-time Institute attendees and previously-declined, qualified Zeitler Fellowship applicants.

If you have questions about the Zeitler Fellowship, please contact zeitlerfellows@havurah.org.


The 2018 Zeitler Fellowship application is no longer available. If you would like to attend the Havurah Institute and require a discount, pleaseapply for a tuition or travel grant in your registration form, or apply for work-study, and come at a discount of 40% or 100%. The work-study application can be found at this link, and should be submitted no later than June 22nd.


The NHC Summer Institute’s Fellows program was funded for over 20 years by the Henry & Edith Everett Foundation. Recognizing the vital importance of Jewish leadership training for the havurah movement and the broader Jewish community, starting in 2014 NHC’s fellowships have been supported by Frances Turim Zeitler. We are honored and grateful for her sponsorship of the Zeitler Fellows.

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