December 15, 2016

Dear NHC Friends,

This year, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the unique community that is the National Havurah Committee. I first encountered the NHC as an Everett (now Zeitler) Fellow at the 2009 Summer Institute. The NHC has since become a mainstay of my life, a vibrant and empowered Jewish community that nourishes and supports me throughout the year.

The NHC community creates what I consider sacred places in space and time. Like Hanukkah candles, our experiences help guide us through the darkness of winter. As we celebrate rededication, I hope that you will help provide the means to rekindle our communal lights in the new year with a generous year-end gift. Your support will sustain year-round programming, support our staff in tackling new challenges, and continue to make the NHC Summer Institute financially accessible for our diverse community.

The NHC provides a joyful laboratory for defining, envisioning, and creating Jewish community. In this community, we are all students and we are all teachers of one another, supporting each other at every stage of our lives. As we learn and teach, bringing each other to new understandings and ancient wisdom, we sustain our souls and ourselves. I am grateful for the energetic, living community I have found in the NHC, which is why I dedicate my own time and money to this organization.

But don’t just take my word for it — let me share some of this year’s successes with you. This summer, record numbers of people gathered for a week of vibrant Jewish community, learning, and prayer at our annual Summer Institute. The wonderful Chesapeake and New England Retreats continue to be well attended. Our Innovation Fund supported several dynamic initiatives, and many past Innovation Fund grantees continue to flourish. Dozens of volunteers came together virtually, in person, and by phone to make these programs happen and to articulate the vision for the Jewish community they want to create. This is empowered, lay-led Judaism at its finest.

Your donations will support:

  • Innovative programs within the NHC community
  • Teachers and Kids Camp staff at the Summer Institute
  • Tuition assistance to make Summer Institute affordable for everyone

Contributions of all sizes make a difference. Send your check today* or go to to make your gift.

You can also spread your gift throughout the year by signing up for our monthly giving program. To begin giving monthly or to increase your monthly gift, contact the NHC at (781) 296-2277 or

Thank you for continuing to nourish our NHC community!

With love,

Joline Price
NHC Board Chair

*Donations by check are greatly appreciated, as a portion of your donation goes to paypal when we use their services. Please send checks to:
National Havurah Committee
125 Maiden Lane 8B
New York, NY 10038

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