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Dear Havurahniks,

What a year 2020 has been!  All of us have been doing our best to survive this terrible pandemic and we were all very sad that we had to cancel in person events and could not see each other in person this year.  On the positive side, the pandemic really showed the strength of this community.  We had an amazing online Institute and we discovered that we could see each other every month, sometimes more than once, in cyberspace.  In this time of adversity, we found new ways to support each other.  Our survival and success in 2020 represent the commitment, caring, openness, and boldness of everyone in the community. Thank you for showing love and compassion in working together to strengthen this community in a time of adversity.

Our staff, core team, and volunteers really came through to put the online Institute together.  Huge thanks to our programs director Lauren Cape, our core team Eliana Roberts Golding, Glenda McKinney, and Rebecca Wassell, and board members Abby Bellows and Lise Stern.

A very special thank you goes to outgoing board chair, Tara Bognar.  After taking over in 2016 under difficult circumstances, she has steered us skillfully ever since. She led us into this new online territory during the crisis of the pandemic.   We are very grateful for her leadership and very glad that she will continue to serve the community in the role of immediate past chair.

It will not come as a surprise that this has been a difficult year financially for NHC.  Online Institute did not generate the same level of revenue and fundraising that in-person Institutes typically do.  Although we did not have facility costs, we had other expenditures that were not previously necessary. We have adopted new technologies, such as larger Zoom rooms, closed captioning, and the online retreat software.  In addition to the online Institute, these technologies make possible our online rooftop davening and educational events.  In addition, the pandemic did not change the fixed costs of keeping NHC running.  We are very grateful to operations director Alyse Portera and to treasurer Nava Szwergold who keep vigilant watch over our finances.  Alyse did tremendous work to obtain a loan for us under the coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program and to secure forgiveness of that loan.  Because of that, we are in stronger financial shape than we might have been, given the current crisis.  That said, we are counting you, the NHC community, to give generously in order to keep NHC financially strong through 2021, in which we face continued pandemic uncertainty.

I hope that everyone will join me, to the greatest extent you can, in financially supporting the NHC. Your generosity not only keeps NHC running in these difficult times but also makes participation accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to participate, benefitting the whole community.  Moreover, it supports fair wages for our hard-working NHC staff and for all the workers whose labor facilitates Institute. It makes the NHC sustainable, from generation to generation!

Darius Sivin

NHC Board Chair

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Please send checks to:
National Havurah Committee
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Havurah is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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