Register today for Summer Institute 2018!

Join us for the National Havurah Committee Summer Institute, to be held July 23-July 29, 2018 at The University of Hartford in Connecticut. At the NHC Summer Institute, every student is a teacher and every teacher is a student.

Meet the 2018 Institute Liturgist-in-Residence, Linda Hirschhorn!

Linda Hirschhorn is a performing singer/songwriter/composer and story-teller. We are excited to welcome her back to the Summer Institute to lead us in a week of community singing.
The NHC’s flagship program, the week-long Summer Institute, will be held July 23-29 at the University of Hartford. This is a unique opportunity for serious study, moving prayer, spirited conversation, late-night jam sessions, singing, dancing, meditation – all in the company of more than 300 people from a wide range of backgrounds. Each year, participants leave the Institute reinvigorated and excited to return to their home communities to share new ideas, skills, and experiences.
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