Rooftop Style Davening

Friday, November, 27: 3:45-4:30 pm ET (or later) facilitated by Susan Gulack Special for people who want to be off zoom before Shabbat.  Hopefully people will have a lot to be thankful for that weekend and will be off work to sign in at that early time! Sign up to… READ MORE

Winter Retreat 2020 Version- “Remembering” the Retreat

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“Remembering” the Retreat

December 19, 2020

6-9:30 pm Eastern

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We have decided to postpone the Winter Retreat this year due to current public health concerns.  We will be hosting a 2020 version online – “Remembering” the Retreat.  Join us for an online Havdalah and a retreat sampler while we are thinking of scenic Camp Ramah in western Massachusetts.

We will begin with Havdalah followed by a mix of mini-courses, our ever-popular talent show, and time to socialize and reconnect.

Please contact us at if you’d like to help, organize, or participate.

Note – this will be a no-fee gathering! Donations to support scholarships for next year’s NHC Winter Retreat are welcome.


What is Summer Institute?

REGISTER HERE! Steps for Registration: Fill out the above form and follow the directions that bring you to step 2 Pay Receive invite to pick your schedule! Registration FAQs Review Courses HERE Institute is Going Online July 19- August 2, 2020! For some 40 years, 300 plus people have gathered for… READ MORE