Work-Study Positions, Grants, and Financial Aid

NHC logo 2016 - you found favor in the desert

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August 1-7, 2016 in Rindge, NH

Come join 300 friends, old and new, at this year’s Institute!

“You found favor in the desert”

Through this year’s theme, Matza Hein Bamidbar/Journeys and Oases, we will be exploring movement and rest, striving and solace.  It is so precious to have an oasis to draw strength from, to look forward to, and to remember. Throughout the week, we will carve out a true oasis for ourselves at Institute as we create a community built on spirituality and social justice, study and song. We will draw on the sustenance and healing powers of friendships in our summer oasis, and hopefully come away fully rejuvenated as we continue our journeys.


Work-Study Positions

A limited number of work-study positions are available in exchange for half off of Institute fees. For more information about working at Kids Camp,
please email the Kids Camp Director. For all other positions,
please see below or email the NHC office.

Apply Online for the Following Positions:

  • New for 2016: Accessibility Work-Study (click here for more information or to apply)
  • Kitchen – Mashgiach assistant (click here to apply)
  • Kids Camp (click here to apply or click here for more information)

Contact the Office for the Following Positions:

  • Office work-study (two positions): assists office staff in the NHC office at FPU
  • Evening Childcare coordinator: hire and supervises childcare providers, thumb coordinates logistics with parents, children, and childcare providers
  • Shuk coordinator: organizes shuk before and during Institute reaching out to vendors and managing day of logistics

Grants for Registration Costs and Travel

Applications for registration and travel grants are processed in the order they are received until our grant budget is exhausted. For best results, apply early!

The Grants Committee is guided by the following:

NHC dues are required of everyone ($40/individual; $80/family), and are not subject to Grant Awards.

  • Applicants will receive a response within three weeks of their application.
  • To further the goals of geographic equity and national participation in the Summer Institute, the Grant Committee will consider requests for support related to travel expenses to and from the Summer Institute.
  • Grant applicants may also be eligible for work study in addition to grants, but the total of the grant and the work-study discount may not exceed the cost of registration.
  • Once online registration has been opened, grant applicants will be reminded to register and advised that the grant offer will expire if the applicant has not registered within three weeks.

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