Volunteers Needed: Year-Round Programing Committee

Do you like having online programing between Institutes?  The NHC is a volunteer run organization and we need you to make it happen!  We are looking for people join the Year-Round Programing Committee.  The job requires about 2 hours a month to recruit teachers and leaders for online classes and workshops, run the zoom meetings and dream of more ways to involve more people.  Please volunteer by contacting Sue Gulack at ravgulack@gmail.com.

Join us for Siyyum on Baytzah

Join us as we complete the study of Masechet Baytzah.  Come learn what happens when a chicken lays an egg on Yom Tov, why Rosh Hashanah is two days long even in Israel and other fascinating facts about the differences between “work” and “working for food for the soul.”

This is also a perfect time to try some form of Daf Yomi for yourself as there are several short Masechtot coming up.  We will complete Rosh Hashanah on Saturday, November 13th, Ta’anit on Monday, December 13th, Megillah on Thursday, January 13th, Moed Katan on Thursday February 10th, and Chagigah on Tuesday, March 8th.  All the Siyyumim will be at 8pm, so mark your calendars!

Register in advance for this event here


Year-Round Tech Support Team Member

Tech Team Role Descriptions (general support throughout the year)* Tier of responsibilities: Level 1) Emergency- Available for emergencies/on call when Programs Director cannot solve the problem Level 2) Website Host/Software Manager- Manage the website environment and ongoing coding requests, larger content issues  Level 3) Minor Updates/Changes- Smaller content issues; email… READ MORE

What is Summer Institute?

Institute is Going Online July 25- August 8, 2021! Registration opens 6/1/21.  Keep an eye out for our e-blast with the link to register or check our home page. For some 40 years, 300 plus people have gathered for a week every summer to learn, teach, daven, sing, and be in… READ MORE