Centering Jews of Color Community Education Series

The “Centering Jews of Color Community Education Series” that was scheduled for this Sunday, November 22nd is postponed. Stay tuned for more information about the rescheduled session and revised approach. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest; we are looking forward to moving this work forward together.

Join us for the November installment of a year-long series of community conversations. The NHC is working to become an intentionally anti-racist community and an integrated home for both Jews of Color and white Jews. Throughout the year, we will build our individual and collective understanding and learn tools and strategies for addressing racism within the NHC.

During the November session, we will learn about real-life past experiences of Jews of Color in the NHC, and reflect on the challenges of identifying and addressing racist behaviors and systems within our community. We will also reflect on our own experiences related to race, ethnicity, and Judaism, and how those might impact our abilities to see (or not see) racism in the NHC.

The discussion is geared at teens through adults (i.e. not kids) of all racial identities. It is designed for participants who have attended an NHC summer or regional retreat.

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