Community Education Planning: Integrating the NHC and Centering Jews of Color

Sunday, August 30th: 8:00-9:00 pm EDT

During the upcoming year, the NHC community will learn together as a community about anti-racism and focusing on how to integrate majority-white Jewish communities like ours by centering, and not tokenizing, Jews of Color. In addition to this education project, we are also taking on several areas of work including a teshuvah listening campaign and recruitment of Jews of Color as teachers, residents, and attendees for next year’s Summer Institute. 
Join this open discussion to hear about opportunities to get involved in all three elements and help to design the arc and content for the educational sessions. Our goal is to launch and sustain a monthly series to include speakers, reading groups, and trainings (anti-bias training, upstander training, etc.) throughout the year, culminating in significant programming at Summer Institute 2021. We need your input and energy to make this an effective series for our community! Please join if you are interested in participating in, shaping, and supporting our internal anti-racist integration work during the next year. All are welcome.

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