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    This year’s theme of עִיר מִקְלָט “Ir Miklat: City of Refuge” can be found in a small corner of parshat Matot-Masei (Numbers 30:2 - 36:13). It epitomizes how we want this year’s institute to feel: a space where both the individual and the community at the heart of the Havurah ethos can come together in a safe space to create something meaningful, where our connections are welcoming and inclusive, fun and exciting, relaxing and energizing, and insightful and spiritually significant for our diverse community of participants.

    The Core Team envisions Institute as our City of Refuge--a place that’s safe--this year more than ever. What is it YOU need refuge from? We welcome you to join us at Pearlstone Center for sanctuary and refuge, to renew and refresh, and to play, rest, create and learn with us! Summer Institute will take place july 29-August 4, 2024.

COVID-19 Guidelines for 2022 Summer Institute

Summer Institute will be held Monday, July 25–Sunday, July 31, 2022 at The University of Hartford in West Hartford, CT. We are hoping to be in-person this year, but as we now know, things can and may change due to COVID-19.


University of Hartford’s Policies

Effective:  December 5, 2021*

  1. Everyone needs to be vaccinated that can be- All attendees who can be vaccinated as of July 1, 2022 will need to be fully vaccinated, which we anticipate will include boosters as well; exemptions will not be granted. Attendees must be prepared to show proof of vaccination while on campus grounds.
  2. You must upload proof- You will upload your identification, negative PCR tests (for those who cannot be vaccinated),  and vaccination cards to our Summer Institute registration platform.  Anyone who has not uploaded the required documentation by July 1 will not be granted access to the Summer Institute at the University of Hartford.  Acceptable forms of ID for those old enough are a driver’s  license, passport or government issued ID.
  3. Negative PCR test for those ages 5 and under- Attendees under age 5 (because they cannot be vaccinated as of 12 5 21) have to provide proof a negative PCR test that was taken within 72 hours of arrival, if not yet allowed to be vaccinated. The PCR test must  be taken at a health services establishment that offers it. Negative antigen tests (or at home tests) will not be accepted.  A picture of the negative test result can be sent to office@havurah.org.
  4. Masks will be required for all indoor spaces– No exceptions. There are plexiglass barriers for your individual use available upon entering the dining hall.  Please wear masks unless you are seated and eating.  There will be options to casually eat outdoors, first come, first serve.  Details to be provided.  This includes children of ALL ages (those under 4 as well).  NHC realizes this is an inconvenience, but the University is not willing to make an exception.
  5. LIVESAFE wellness app- will be required to download by each smartphone-carrying attendee.  The health survey must be taken daily on the app.  For those who don’t have a smartphone, we will have printed forms.  For those who leave campus during Shabbat, you will have to fill a paper form out at the gate to re-enter.  This is based on the honor system, but is enforced at the front gate of campus. 
  6. Protocol Enforcement– We must hold each other responsible for wearing facial coverings on site. Any shared space in the dorms with family or roommates does not require a mask, but travel to the restrooms in a shared dorm does require a mask. Penalty for not wearing a facial mask is being asked to leave campus, which includes children.

*Please note that these terms are subject to change depending on University of Hartford’s discretion.

Please direct any questions to the office at office@main.havurah.org.

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