Evening Childcare 2022

Evening Childcare at Summer Institute

Prepaid evening childcare is available for children age 6 months and up and is provided by the JCC of Hartford.  Evening Childcare offers adults an opportunity to participate fully in evening programming.

You can register for Evening Childcare directly in your registration. The cost for Evening Childcare is $100 for the full week or $40 for Friday & Saturday nights.

Only families who have paid for childcare ahead of time will be able to use the evening childcare.


How does Evening Childcare work?

  • Evening Childcare is offered Monday through Saturday starting at WHAT TIME??
  • Children can be in evening childcare awake or asleep, however we ask families to put their own kids to bed unless the child can do it her/himself (childcare providers are not responsible for enforcing bed time).
  • Children who are signed up for evening child care will be housed in the Hawk Hall Dorm.
  • Children being cared for while asleep, must be checked-in with the childcare provider.
  • Awake children will be supervised in the lounge with reading, quiet games and a chance to hang out. Please bring quiet activities for this time.
  • If your children have special needs, please communicate at Registration or email office@main.havurah.org. Depending on your needs, you may wish to consider making private childcare arrangements.
  • You will be charged additional fees for returning later than the scheduled end of childcare and can, at the discretion of NHC staff, lose your childcare privileges and forfeit all fees paid.
  • Childcare providers will be present according to the schedule. Please be sure to sign your children in and out when you leave/return for the evening, so that we can be sure all children are accounted for before the babysitters are dismissed. (We will have special arrangements for Shabbat.)

With any questions, please contact the office by emailing office@main.havurah.org.

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