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    Registration deadline: June 18th

    This year’s theme of עִיר מִקְלָט “Ir Miklat: City of Refuge” can be found in a small corner of parshat Matot-Masei (Numbers 30:2 - 36:13). It epitomizes how we want this year’s institute to feel: a space where both the individual and the community at the heart of the Havurah ethos can come together in a safe space to create something meaningful, where our connections are welcoming and inclusive, fun and exciting, relaxing and energizing, and insightful and spiritually significant for our diverse community of participants.

    The Core Team envisions Institute as our City of Refuge--a place that’s safe--this year more than ever. What is it YOU need refuge from? We welcome you to join us at Pearlstone Center for sanctuary and refuge, to renew and refresh, and to play, rest, create and learn with us! Summer Institute will take place july 29-August 4, 2024.

Fee Schedule & Financial Assistance 2020

Below, you can find information about how much it costs to go to NHC Summer Institute and to be a dues-paying member of the NHC.

NHC Dues (tax-deductible):

Everyone who attends Institute pays dues; the dues are added to the cost of registration unless it says otherwise.

  • $40 per individual, or
  • $80 per family

The dues year follows the Jewish calendar so those who have paid dues since the Fall of 2019 do not have to pay again for the 2020 Summer Institute. Dues payments are non-refundable.

Summer Institute Registration:

The cost of includes room, board, and all Institute programming unless otherwise noted below. Participants of Havurah Institute decide the amount they pay for registration using a sliding scale in conjunction with standard pricing.  Shabbat programming begins at 3:30 pm on Friday.

Standard price:

  • $1100 per full-week adult (13 and older)
  • $850 per full-week adult commuter (housing not provided)
  • $700 per full-week child (6 months – 12 years of age)
  • $1225 for Early Arrival Adult
  • $600 for a Shabbat Adult Resident
  • $375 for a Shabbat Child Resident
  • Children under 6 months of age attend free (but please include their name in your registration)

For full list, please see Registration.

Sliding scale:

  • $750-$1400 per full-week adult (13 and older)
  • $630-$1150 per full-week adult commuter (housing not provided)
  • $515-$1000 per full-week child (6 months – 12 years of age)
  • $420-$900 for a Shabbat Adult Resident
  • $275-$675 for a Shabbat Child Resident
  • Children under 6 months of age attend free (but please include their name in your registration)

Those who are able to pay $1400 are encouraged to do so; everything above the standard registration cost is considered a donation. This level of payment supports Institute programming, teachers, Kidstitute, subsidized pricing for children, financial aid to make Institute accessible, staff salaries, supplies and office costs.


Financial assistance:

We strongly encourage those who need additional assistance to apply for the level of grant that would make coming to Institute possible for you – we want to see you there!  

Applications for registration and travel grants are processed in the order they are received until our grant budget is exhausted. For best results, apply early!  Questions can be directed to grants@main.havurah.org.

The Grants Committee is guided by the following:

NHC dues are required of everyone ($40/individual; $80/family), and are not subject to Grant Awards.

  • Applicants will receive a response within three weeks of their application.
  • To further the goals of geographic equity and national participation in the Summer Institute, the Grant Committee will consider requests for support related to travel expenses to and from the Summer Institute.
  • Grant applicants may also be eligible for work study in addition to grants, but the total of the grant and the work-study discount may not exceed the cost of registration.
  • Once online registration has been opened, grant applicants will be reminded to register and advised that the grant offer will expire if the applicant has not registered within three weeks.
  • Deadline for Grant applications is July 2nd.

Late fees:

After June 4th, there is a late registration fee of $50 for full week registrants and $25 for Shabbat-only registrants.

Cancellation insurance:

  • Free through May 15th.
  • On May 16th and afterward, may be purchased at the time of registration:
    • Full week (overnight or commuter): $50
    • Shabbat-only: $25
  • The partial refund available to those with cancellation insurance varies based on the date when canceling; see our Cancellation Policy for details.


The deadline for Summer Institute registration is July 2nd at midnight.

Housing supplements:

  • Private single room costs an extra $200 (full-week, 6 nights); $230 (early arrival, 7 nights) or $65 (weekend).
  • Bedding (pillow, pillowcase, fitted sheet, top sheet, light summer blanket) can be rented for $38/bed. (Bath towels will be provided for all overnight registrants).
  • Accommodations for early arrival on Sunday, July 26th cost $125 per adult, $75 per child

Other fees:

  • For 6 nights of evening childcare is $100 per child (10 and under). Price increases to $110 starting July 22nd. For Shabbat childcare is $40 per child, increasing to $50, for 2 nights.  Childcare will be provided by the JCC in Hartford.
  • Campus parking is $25  per parking permit. Must use Internet Explorer.
  • Access to the new Gym on campus is $30 per person  (gym only, no pool).


  • T-shirts and toddler shirts are available for purchase at the time of registration.  All items are $5 cheaper than at-Institute prices if you pre-order!
  • You can order wine for Shabbat (red or white) for $25/bottle.

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