Shuk Guidelines

The Shuk is an great opportunity for Institute participants sell their wares and exhibit information and resources from their favorite organizations or projects. This is both a wonderful way for us to share our work with each other and a great fundraiser for the National Havurah Committee.  The shuk will take place at Hawk Hall on the first floor and its patio.

You must contact the Shuk Coordinator at if you would like to reserve a table at the shuk.



  1. You must be willing to schlep your own goods to and from the Shuk.  No items can be left at the table after Shuk is closed.
  2. Spots/Tables inside Hawk Hall are first come, first serve.  All other tables will be on the patio.
  3. If you want to be a vendor, you must register beforehand.

Participation fees:
Display only (no sales): $25
Sales: $40 table fee (covers first $200 of sales) + 20% of sales >$200

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