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    This year’s theme of עִיר מִקְלָט “Ir Miklat: City of Refuge” can be found in a small corner of parshat Matot-Masei (Numbers 30:2 - 36:13). It epitomizes how we want this year’s institute to feel: a space where both the individual and the community at the heart of the Havurah ethos can come together in a safe space to create something meaningful, where our connections are welcoming and inclusive, fun and exciting, relaxing and energizing, and insightful and spiritually significant for our diverse community of participants.

    The Core Team envisions Institute as our City of Refuge--a place that’s safe--this year more than ever. What is it YOU need refuge from? We welcome you to join us at Pearlstone Center for sanctuary and refuge, to renew and refresh, and to play, rest, create and learn with us! Summer Institute will take place july 29-August 4, 2024.

Hollander Social Justice Fellow

Meet our 2021 Hollander Social Justice Fellow: Erica Riddick



This year’s Hollander Fellowship topic:  Bilha & Zilpah: Silent Voices of Sister Wives & Concubine Matriarchs

It is human nature to look for reflections of oneself. Torah is no different. While I can relate to attributes of the characters we most dwell on, Western religions went through a whitewashing that rendered the idea of black Biblical figures as unfathomable, even though the foundational story of Jewish Exodus from slavery out of Egypt begins in Africa. I want to reconnect the diasporic nature of Judaism back into a history that has always been as diverse as kingdoms like the Shushan of Purim, with “over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia” (Esther 1:1) and Canaanites assimilated into Judahites and not completely wiped out as our narratives suggest. I believe this will be a healing balm, as much for all Jews, as Jews of Color, and for those waiting for the Moshiach, my pet theory, is the Moshiach is waiting for us to figure out how to finally live together in our one common home. My approach is powerfully simple, to explore text readings of sections we repeatedly choose not to focus on, especially in social justice settings, to not just make excuses for Torah citing its age, but really explore topics that are as relevant today as ever.

  • Best suited for 16+
  • Text Study
  • History



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The Havurah movement has long been a place where activists, educators, organizers, and artists come together across generations to learn, innovate, and collaborate on responses to the key issues of our times. It is time for the NHC community, rooted in our values of resiliency, adaptability, and resistance to the status quo, to take leadership by creating a climate resilience ethic to guide our own diverse communities and be a resource for these challenging times.

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