Issues with online Participants

Having trouble with another participant?  It is important you feel supported in our online sessions.  Please let the Tech Assistant (moderator) know if another participant or a leader is making you uncomfortable.  Email our Community Council with any concerns.

The Community Council addresses concerns about individual behavior that makes a community member uncomfortable or that may violate community standards. The members of the Council this summer are Deborah Hirsch Mayer, Matt Goldfield, Yona Gorelick, and David Rogoff. The Council is empowered to respond to individual incidents, with the possibility of appeal to the NHC Board. If you have a concern, please bring it to the attention of the Council, which will address the matter confidentially. You can email Make sure to explain your concern and include your name and how to contact you.

Centering Jews of Color at the NHC Summer Institute

We are a diverse community that strives for accessibility and welcome for all. This is a Jewish space that welcomes all Jews and our partners, families, friends, and fellow travelers.

Assume everyone is Jewish until they tell you otherwise, and please do not “test” or inquire about other community members’ Jewish status, conversion history, or family background unless they initiate or invite that conversation, as these are often very personal and sensitive matters. It is also important not to expect individuals to be spokespeople for their communities.

Many times in the past, community members who are Jews of Color have faced intrusive and invalidating questions about their presence and identity. While the white Jews who asked these questions may have intended them as friendly conversation, or been simply curious, these words often come across as hurtful, biased, ignorant, or dismissive.

The NHC is working toward teshuvah (repair and apology) for past incidents of harm, and on better recruitment and support of Jews of Color in the NHC community. For more information, reach out to Rebecca Ennen on Slack or via the NHC office (

 NHC Community Safety Policy

 NHC Online Community Norms

**Recording policy as of 10/10/20-  Sessions may be audio recorded upon the session leader’s request.  Recording details will be provided in the session description.  You will also be notified in Zoom when a session leader begins recording. NHC will not post audio recordings on its website nor in social media outlets to protect participant privacy.  Sessions are the intellectual property of session leaders and they may keep a copy of the recording.

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