How do I use Sched?

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How do I login to sched?  Once you have created an account, you can visit at any time to view the schedule and access sessions you’ve signed up for.  Make sure you write your password down!

How many courses can I pick?  Now that Institute has started, you may only sign up for Courses whose sessions have not begun yet.  Many courses (in red) run Mon and Wed or Tue and Thurs, each with 3 or 4 sessions on one topic.  Make sure you sign up for all of the courses that fall under one title. 

How can I see what a session is about?  To view the description of the class, click on the title of the course. To view the entire schedule for one course, click on the presenter’s name.

How can I learn more about a presenter?  Click on the ‘Teachers’ or ‘Artists’ tab at the top of the home page, or, click on their name within their class description.

I have clicked on all of the sessions I want to participate in, do I hit Save or Submit?  No, you will be able to see your personal schedule if you hover over your profile picture on the top left of your profile.  You will then see ‘My Sched’ in the dropdown.   Everything you checked off will show in your schedule.  You can print it or email it.

Once I pick my courses can I change them? Please do not change courses (in red) without asking.  Courses are capped and it takes a seat away from someone else.

Does my profile have to be visible?  No. Although we encourage you to fill out a bio so the community can get to know you, you can also customize your visibility by clicking ‘Edit Profile’ from within your profile.

How do I access my session to participate?  We will populate the session with the video streaming link (think Zoom) once we get closer to the start of Institute.

How do I learn more about Sched? Sched has many great tutorial videos to help you understand the platform.


I’m stuck, help!


Day Heads offer attendee support, tech issues & general questions.  They can be reached on the Dayhead Slack Channel

The Office answers logistics questions: or 860-245-1674

Billing Questions:

Accessibility Needs: Trouble with our captioning software or other needs, contact

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