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    This year’s theme of עִיר מִקְלָט “Ir Miklat: City of Refuge” can be found in a small corner of parshat Matot-Masei (Numbers 30:2 - 36:13). It epitomizes how we want this year’s institute to feel: a space where both the individual and the community at the heart of the Havurah ethos can come together in a safe space to create something meaningful, where our connections are welcoming and inclusive, fun and exciting, relaxing and energizing, and insightful and spiritually significant for our diverse community of participants.

    The Core Team envisions Institute as our City of Refuge--a place that’s safe--this year more than ever. What is it YOU need refuge from? We welcome you to join us at Pearlstone Center for sanctuary and refuge, to renew and refresh, and to play, rest, create and learn with us! Summer Institute will take place july 29-August 4, 2024.

Working Together for Accessibility at online Institute 2021

Our community includes many long-time attendees and newcomers with disabilities of various types, as well as people who do not identify as having disabilities but may have specific requests for how to make the week easier for them. Please contact accessibility@havurah.org to discuss any needs you have! In the past, our efforts have included:

Text Formats:

We have asked all presenters upload helpful materials in advance as well as notify you that they are in Sched.


Community-wide programming is going to be live-captioned this year in Zoom. Words will be transcribed by hired captioners in the chat.  Other sessions with captioning are the Liturgist-in-Residence and the Hollander Fellow offerings.

All programming will have Closed Captions offered by Zoom.  If your host has not turned it on, please privately message them in the Zoom chat and ask them to enable the captions.  Zoom does not translate Hebrew well, we apologize for any inconvenience it causes.

Closed Captioning adjustments can be made if you would like to adjust the size of your captions. Participants can click their “CC” button in their toolbar and then choose “Subtitle settings” to change the size of the subtitles/captions on their screen.

How can I use Closed Captions in Remo using the Google Chrome web browser?

  • Click the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of your browser  (next to URL address bar)
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Advanced’ at the bottom of the page to access the advanced Chrome settings.
  • Select ‘Accessibility’
  • Toggle the option for ‘Live Caption‘ on

Assistance Etiquette:

To aid someone with a disability, do ask an empowering question such as “How can I help?” instead of acting on an assumption of what they might need. Do offer to commit to help at a time that may not be at the moment but rather at a later time or day.

Accessibility of all kinds is a central value of NHC and we strive to make our Summer Institute a smooth experience for all. For information about financial accessibility, please email grants@main.havurah.org.  Or, head to our webpage about tickets and financial accessibility.

Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters:

Learn how to prepare for Institute and meet certain requested needs.

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