Thanksgivikkah is coming! What are you grateful for?

(Sunday, November 28th, but close enough!)

I hope, just as I am, you are grateful for Havurah and the gifts that being part of the NHC has brought into your life.  Through the decades, NHC has strengthened individuals and Havurot through ideas and inspiration gained at our National Summer Institute and Regional retreat weekends.  Through Covid, we have established an online presence starting with Seder match ups and online Hallel, two Summer Institutes and one winter retreat, regular classes, workshops, and services.   While we are mostly a volunteer run organization, we do have two amazing staff members who help keep us organized and work very hard, mostly behind the scenes.  All of this does not happen without your financial support.   

Please consider making one of your Hanukkah gifts this year a gift to the NHC!

There are several ways to make this happen.  You can donate online at  This can be a one-time donation or a monthly recurring one.  

We are also adding a function to our Hesed emails.  You will now be able to donate in memory, in honor, or with hope for healing.  We will send out an acknowledgment to whoever you designate.  We ask you to add your reasons for celebration to the Hesed list at, so the community can share in your simchas and shep nachas, as well as be a support for each other in the hard times.

Thank you for your monetary support, as well as your time and participation which keep Havurah alive!

Susan Gulack
Chair of the Board, NHC

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