Timbrel Artists-in-Residence of the Past


Hillel Smith- The history of writing and the Hebrew alphabet, following it through exiles and explorations

Yavni Bar-Yam- Create visual stories for the holiday of Sukkot through shadow puppetry and lighting techniques


Sarah Zell Young- Seeing Torah: The Making of Visual Midrash

Bill Aron-Visual Literacy and the Art of Photography


Sara Felder-Amusing the Muse – From Radical Creativity to Sacred Theater

Sabrina Sojourner-Midrashist-in-Residence –Engaging the White Fire: Sanctified Imagination and Creating Midrash


Eli Kaplan-Wildmann-Creativity In Jewish Ritual: The People Of  The Visual, Unbound Book

Tikva Hecht-Talmudic Form: An Experiment in Non-linear and Collaborative Storytelling


Marcela Sulak- Eating the Bible, Writing the Table

Rena Branson- Breathing New Life: Chassidish & Original Nigunim for Transformation



We express our deepest appreciation to the funder who makes this programs possible: The Timbrel Fund for supporting the Timbrel Artists-in-Residence.

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