Rooftop Style Davening

Friday, November, 27: 3:45-4:30 pm ET (or later) facilitated by Susan Gulack Special for people who want to be off zoom before Shabbat.  Hopefully people will have a lot to be thankful for that weekend and will be off work to sign in at that early time! Sign up to… READ MORE

What is Summer Institute?

REGISTER HERE! Steps for Registration: Fill out the above form and follow the directions that bring you to step 2 Pay Receive invite to pick your schedule! Registration FAQs Review Courses HERE Institute is Going Online July 19- August 2, 2020! For some 40 years, 300 plus people have gathered for… READ MORE

Online Institute Pre-Registration Announcement

These unprecedented times require creativity, flexibility, and inspiration. We are grateful to everyone who joined the Kehilla community gathering in May to provide input for online Institute. Your input was invaluable. The Core Team, with the support of many Havurahniks, has prepared an online Institute to run over two weeks,… READ MORE

Summer Institute is moving online for summer 2020

Dear Havurahniks, With great sadness, love, and hope, I’m sharing the news that the Board, with the recommendation of the COVID19 Response Committee, voted to cancel in-person Institute this summer at Hartford and move programming online. We are deeply sad that we will not be gathering at Hartford in person… READ MORE

Summer Institute

At the Summer Institute, every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher. People who are usually called “rabbi” or “professor” throughout the year go by their first names here. And people who rarely take active leadership roles in their communities discover that they, too, can teach and… READ MORE